Market capitalization: Google more than Microsoft

Market capitalization: Google more than MicrosoftSign of the times, Google's market capitalization has exceeded Wall Street Monday that the computer company Microsoft, the company becoming the second technology company in the world after Apple.

Google's action finished after 761.78 dollars appreciated by 0.96%, which values ​​the company at 249.13 billion dollars. The title of Microsoft's side closed at 29.49 dollars, down 0.91%, which amounted to about capitalization of 247.23 billion dollars.
Both groups, however, remain far behind Apple, with action to 659.39 dollars (-1.16%), weighs 618.12 billion dollars.
Google enjoys a renewed interest of investors, who welcome the economic model of the business and its capacity for innovation. The title of the company has exceeded its record September 24 from 2007 and has continued to grow since.
While Google dominates the online advertising market and is supported by the success of its mobile operating system, Android, Microsoft is preparing to introduce its new operating system, Windows 8, October 26, and the tablet surface. But contextually, the Redmond giant has suffered its side an environment of weak demand for PCs.

Analyst firm RBC Capital Markets has also revised Monday lowered its forecast on the value of the action, citing "a probable slowdown in business growth for companies."
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