Patents: Unwired Planet complaint against Apple and Google

The patent war in the mobile industry does not always play between international manufacturers of mobile phones seeking both to protect their intellectual property and curb competition. The shots can also come from companies involved in the development of various technologies now widely used in mobile phones.

The company Unwired Planet of those and it just complaint against Apple and Google for violating 10 patents "that Unwired Planet has designed and patented over the last fifteen years" and on various areas such as converged devices, cloud the content portals, push notifications or location based services.
Patents: Unwired Planet complaint against Apple and Google

Society, phase transformation to a model farm of patents, wants to force negotiations around patents, as it has already tried under its former name, Openwave, by request in September 2011 with the ITC (International Trade Commission) against Apple and RIM for infringement of several patents.

It therefore seeks to recognize the priority of intellectual property and the fact that major handset manufacturers exploit without permission. She claims ownership of 200 patents in the United States and around the world and 75 in validation.

Openwave has developed over several years mobile browsers for traditional mobile phones (on the site is the wording "inventors of the mobile Internet") and various mobile applications before the emergence of smartphones. She now seeks to cultivate license fees for mobile technologies it has developed during this period.
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