Patent wars: Motorola loses a lawsuit and wins another

A German court has held Friday, September 21, 2012 Samsung and Motorola did not violate Apple patents, while before another court ruled in favor of Microsoft against Motorola in new episodes of the patent war being waged manufacturers of high-tech. "Both complaints from Apple [one against Samsung and the other against Motorola, Ed] were rejected," told AFP spokesman court of Mannheim.

Patent wars: Motorola loses a lawsuit and wins another
The firm at the apple accusing competitors of infringing one of its patents protecting function touchscreens of smartphones and wanted to withdraw from the market affected phones. This patent does not affect a specific gesture as in other trials, but about the way the operating system recognizes the pressure of fingers on the screen for certain applications or ignored. But "these two judgments are not final and can be challenged by way of appeal," said the spokesman of the court of Mannheim.

In contrast, the Munich court said Thursday that Motorola infringed on some of its smartphones and its touch pads, a Microsoft patent on a technique of data entry software. "The Munich court ruled that (...) Motorola infringed one Microsoft patent," rejoiced the American publisher in a statement.

"We continue to make products suit against Motorola in Germany and hope that it will join other manufacturers of devices running Android [operating system for smartphones from Google, Ed] taking a license on inventions Microsoft protected, "said David Howard, vice president of Microsoft.

In July, it was the court of Mannheim who also agreed with Microsoft against Motorola, while that of Munich in September was also supported Apple against Motorola.

Germany is one of the privileged areas of this confrontation, due to legislation deemed very protective for patent holders, particularly in the field of technology.
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