Google TV in France on 27 September

Google TV in France on 27 September
Google TV will be officially launched in France on 27 September. For the uninitiated, Google TV is a TV platform based on Android, there is a part of what has made the success of Android: Google Play as the example.

Presented in May 2010 and available in the U.S. since late 2010, we can not say that Google TV has been successful. Indeed, large corporations American television Disney-ABC Television Group (ABC, Disney, ESPN), NBC Universal and News Corporation (Fox) have deliberately blocked their content on Google TV, the "majors" saw a bad eye the arrival of Google on their flowerbed. I must say that we can understand Google's appetite in history, the financial windfall generated by the television remains despite the huge growth of the Internet.

After mistakes, Google has completely revised Google TV, however this blow caused them to lose a partner size: Loigtech. Now they can count on two manufacturers: LG and Sony. In France, it is Sony launches hostilities with the marketing of a first housing 200 euros. The case Sony, Intel, you will make your TV "connected". You only have to connect via WiFi or Ethernet, and you will experience "Google" on your TV. Indeed, the primary role of this box is to bring the Internet to your TV through a suitable interface, applications, and some content.

Little content? Indeed, TF1, M6, France Télévisions, Canal + and TNT channels have already signed a pact to block Google. In this game, Google began badly: when you do a search on Google TV, the results radio chains and TNT appear simply not. Damage, the result could be interesting: Imagine that you search on "7th Company", Google TV could give you the synopsis, web results, videos, pictures ... and the next broadcast on TV, catch TV-up (catch-up TV) and VOD offerings.

In short, Google TV can offer more than the content "Android" tablet? Offers access to VOD, music ... as Sony Entertainment Network access also dedicated applications for television. We echo that several major publishers and developers French worked hard on applications pulling parts of the TV experience.

To compete effectively with the "box" operators, Google and Sony are going to have to redouble our efforts - especially in France where the market works very specifically. Google TV may therefore offer an experience "web" improved, partly thanks to Google Chrome but especially thanks to the intelligent remote Sony: between the keyboard, mouse, joystick and remote traditional. Another advantage of Google TV, it is of course applications and games for Google TV. Finally, the cloud sync and you will be able to view content on your smartphone and tablet (Android), your Mac and PC (Chrome) and your TV (Google TV) - all will be synchronized in real time.

Google's strategy now seems fairly well put together: Sony, in a first time, will allow to increase the audience "Google TV." The content will therefore develop, in particular applications. LG or Samsung TVs will then market directly integrants Google TV. The content will begin to increase and Google may require TV stations to begin negotiations. When the content is sufficiently developed and the audience also, Google will begin integrating Google TV game consoles, the boxes ... but also our famous "box" partnerships with operators. In short, the field is almost free to Google, unless other get involved (according to Apple TV).

Sony also plans to sell player "Blu-ray" (NSZ-GP9) integrating Google TV later this year in France, around 300 euros.
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