Facebook: Misinformation or misunderstanding?

Facebook: Misinformation or misunderstanding?You surely do not miss the "Facebook bug," Information has become the ONE media. On the one hand, the media (including Metro, TechCrunch or lefigaro) and ensure that users private messages sent between 2007 and 2009 (or even 2012) are posted on the "wall" public. On the other hand, Facebook ensures that it is a mistake and that the messages are actually public messages. While misinformation or misunderstanding?

In any case, if the problem exists, it seems rather concern French users in particular - although there are English-language media, few can bring real evidence ... Since this morning, the French government became involved and requires explanations from Facebook. The CNIL is going to take up the case today.

In reality, it is difficult to provide evidence - he had to have kept the e-mail notifications (in English at the time) to confirm that it is indeed a private message and not to a message on the Facebook wall. A priori, it would not really a bug, these conversations seem to have been public from the start. Facebook has just applied an update that brought again ... The misunderstanding would be on both sides.

In any case, 24 hours after the "bugs" allowing dishonest people offer us "offers iPhone 5 naked 69 euros" (it was a scam that referred you to a web page full of ads), Facebook faces the worst case scenario: the issue of confidentiality and privacy ... Many users have reacted strongly to this information by announcing losing "confidence" in Facebook, and you? What do you think?

In any case, the case comes at the worst time: Facebook has made an update to Android that allows syncing your photos automatically, while Facebook Messenger now supports SMS.
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