Facebook launches into "real" gifts

Facebook launches into "real" giftsFirst available in the United States, as each launching a novelty, the new service allows Facebook to buy real gifts, physical, tangible friends. Rather than give them a gift, it will soon be in France, buy a teddy bear, personalized chocolate bars or socks "funny" to mark an event. Ideal for a birthday, a birth, announcement does not indicate whether it will be possible to offer a box of tissues in case of change of status "couple" to "single."

How does it work?

But Facebook thinks avoid disappointment. Once selected and paid for this, a representation of the gift is sent publicly or privately to the friend. Who can unwrap it and then choose the color, size and flavor he wants. It can even exchange against another gift of the same value before providing shipping address. Facebook announces hundreds of gifts available now with new added every day.

A Gift for Facebook?

Beyond the service potential, it seems that Facebook has found a way to generate new revenue and, more importantly, it will see in detail how it works, to "qualify" the accounts of its users recovering their banking information and postal .
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