71% of children under the age of 12 use tablets

The majority of children under twelve are accustomed to using smartphones, tablets and computers present in the home, use rather favorably welcomed by parents, according to the barometer Orange / Terrafemina. For the thirteenth round of the barometer practices of French on the Internet, called Touch Pad: the new nanny?, Asked the CSA institute, online, 501 parents of children under twelve years, from 10 to 12 September according to the quota method.
71% of children under the age of 12 use tablets

According to the survey, 99% of surveyed households have a computer connected to the Internet, a smartphone 65%, 35% a TV connected to the Internet, a digital tablet 30% and 5% reading light. According to parents, 71% of their (s) child (ren) under 12 years "used frequently or occasionally" the tablet present in the home, 67% of the reading light, 55% PC, 51% of the TV and connected multifunction telephone 43%.
"There are also attractive rates of frequent or occasional practice for the connected TV (51%, 25% of frequent use) and smartphone (43%, 16% of frequent use)," said the survey.

The "early" new digital tools for young children seems to be "often consciously initiated by parents," including the purchase of specialized applications develops, note the barometer. More than a third of phone owners or multifunction tablet (38%) say they have already bought "at least once an application especially for a child under 12 years, 27% having even several times."
"These new behaviors do not seem in any case not worry parents, since 76% of them consider it a good thing that the younger children learn more soon with new digital tools," says the study. Only 19% of parents whose children use these devices speak of "a bad thing" is said. Similarly, 50% think it is rather "an asset, because it gives them access to information and knowledge that had no other
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